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NORV,香港極端流行(Extreme Pop)樂隊。由鮑志熊(主音),柴雯(低音結他)與古谷杰(軟件)於O九年組成。各人皆痛恨了本地流行曲許多年才發現原來這裡只有噪音,鮮見音樂。結果心情舒暢得要死,順道組個樂團向最忠於原創與實驗性的粵語流行噪音致敬。

HK Extreme-Pop Band NORV was formed by Bowie Mok (Vocal), J Mak (Bass) & Mono Koo (Software) in 2009. Once we found the local pop scene we hate is just a huge noise mess but nothing about music, we found the urgency to form a band by making local cheesy pop sounds.
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